Digest Puzzle

TimesDigest, a site survey 10 NY Times, published 365 days a year and distributed in more than 50 countries. The publication reaches more than 190000 readers on all continents and the seven seas. Subscribers worldwide are tourist centers, hotels, companies and organizations, cruise boats and yachts and ships of the Navy of the United States. TimesDigest is designed and created a range of hot topics and editorial comment, as well as sports, weather, time to provide business information and famous crossword puzzle. We also offer EveningDigest from Monday to Friday, as well as kiosk TimesDigest, consisting of 17 international lists around the world. SampleDigest is a magazine size, smaller as a Journal magazine little conventional but larger than a standard paperback, 14 × 21 cm (5. These formats have been developed at the end of the operation of printing machines. Some printers refer to the condensed format used as a catalog such as Avon, selling one House to another. The condensed format would have a comfortable size for readers, dead or on the nearby table. The most famous Digest-size magazine is reader's Digest, where size appears to be called. TV Guide uses the format since its inception in 1953 until 2005 coffee house Digest is a magazine distributed free of charge to the national coffee to the United States. Compendium of digest puzzle birder is an international journal, which has retained the format condensate since its foundation in 1978. Digest format is less popular that once was. Next TV Guide for a larger format was analog and magazine science fiction of Asimov in slightly larger than digest places a few years earlier. The most important publications, the remaining dimensions are now reader Digest, Prevention Digest magazine and guide of panoramic views of Archie comics. The children initially size digest Digest, but much was moved to a larger format as well as (although the word have Digest in its name). The writer Digest is another publication with the word in their name, which is made, in this dimension. .