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I discussed curriculum in this document from each dimension. In summary, here are the highlights of what should be considered the development of the curriculum in schools or classrooms where students participate in poverty. Poverty should not be an excuse for us to expect less from our students. In fact, they come to us with many problems and challenges that interfere with their learning. We need to focus on their learning, to find ways to help them overcome these challenges and win as much as possible to their education. Their education is probably their chance to get out of the cycle of poverty and escape. Are poor doesn't mean that they fail. This is one of the best reasons to make success. by Amy BrualdiERIC Clearinghouse on assessment introduction several times a year, teachers must fill out a digest eric form for each student to inform parents about the academic performance and social development of the child. Schools have a variety of ways to document student progress. In most schools, teachers assigned usually rank number or letter subject areas or abilities. In many schools, especially primary schools, teacherswrite a descriptive narrative cognitive and social growth of every child. Otherschools have teachers indicate whether a student has acquired bycompleting different skills checklist. Despite the fact that schools have different policies on report card ' scontent and presentation, most of the teachers must include the student's progress written commentsabout. Given the number of students in eachclassroom, the time required to complete each school newsletter and the existence of riga/checkmarks in the ballots, some may think that thatcomments are not essential and it would take a long time by the teacher. The purpose of this compendium is to explain as a teacher at the school know, ballot comments, offer tips on how to build effective comments, careful outwords/expression that use and identify the sources of information forreport map comments. Why are important comments?The degree is intended to define the progress of the student and provide information on the skills you have or have not acquired. However, row values is not sufficiently detailed to give parents or student a Yes thoroughunderstanding of what the learned or accomplished were made (Wiggins, 1994) Hall, 1990). For example, if a child receives a spelling B, a cardcomment report can inform parents that the child is typically a correct spelling; However, consistently forgets to add a plural nouns that end with the letters s and x. Therefore, the comments of the teachers often some information I have not been fully explained by row. Well-written reviews can give parents and children tips on how to makeimprovements of specific social or school areas. Professor includethat whowrote practicing how to write several names plurals in your home or spelling games playingdifferent might also the previous comment for the report on the school spelling bee, for example, can help children improve their spelling skills. The process of writing comments can also be useful to teachers. Writingcomments gives teachers to reflect the academic progress and opportunities for their students. This time of reflection can cause teachersgaining a better understanding of the strengths and needs of each student. What kinds of language teachers should include in his comments. The use of specific positive comunicacionentre commentsencourages teachers, parents and students. Written in a positive way of andinformative, canaddress hosts a variety of topics throughout the stillmaintaining whilemaintaining the dignity of the child. This is especially important if a child has had trouble with the controllinghis particular theme or category that behavior over a long period of time. Shafer (1997) has compiled a list of several professors ofeffective visitors. The following lists of words and phrases are just a sample of its publication effective writing CardComments ratio (p. 42-43). The words and phrases that teachersshould usingWhenteachers care to write comments on ballots, should be aware that different rate eachchild from academic and social development. As a result, the reviews should not be described as fixed and permanent child (Shafer, 1997) capabilities. These comments have no reason to believe that the child will be besuccessful if he or she tries to improve ,.